Introducing Studio BD as one of the most innovative and emerging Interior designing firm operating PAN India. Started by two partners Bhavika and Disha, have an eye for craft, creativity and attention to detail.

We believe making luxury affordable by creating a breathable space and turning your dreams into reality along with utilizing your space for your requirements.

Whether you are looking for impeccable expertise in doing up your new home, hotel or office space or are craving a makeover for an existing property, StudioBD has a team of designers who are focused on developing intelligent designs with practical space management that help find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.


Studio BD wasn’t just a coffee shop idea but a well thought of one. Being closely linked to the real estate market and international interior hub,the two partners felt the gap between the respective markets and decided to create a company that serves one and for all.

We truly feel that “ Luxury should be a right ! It doesn’t have to be expensive, just has to be the right amount “.

Hence the company was formed, with a vision to create a space where people do not just reside but live happily, a space that defines who they are and creates a vibe of what they want.

Every design has its own style and passion but its the expertise of a designer and the happiness of a client that adds a life to it.




Disha Satish Agarwal
Director | Business Head

“The place you live in should tell the story of who you are.”
After completing my MBA and having a vast experience in the real estate sector, I understand the value of time and money and decided to create a company that would have a lasting impact on the lives of my clients and forge strong relationships.
My vision is to deliver the most optimum solution and a highly integrated service for our clients without hurting their pockets.


Bhavika Agarwal
Director | Senior Interior Designer

“For a successful interiors, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another”
After graduating from Raffels Design Institute of Singapore and getting an extensive international exposure, for me, designing is about creating a space which is ultimately beautiful, supremely functional and a true reflection of each client’s needs and aspirations, making every project bespoke and unique.

Henrieta Goh

Henrietta Goh
International Consultant

Its all about constantly being updated with trends and innovation. I believe in creating space with perfect balance between aesthetics as well as functionality.

Senior Interior Designer : 

Our designer works closely on the drawings, and detailing’s of projects, with their expertise and experience it’s almost impossible to not hit perfection and timely delivery.

Creative Head : 

The key responsibility of the creative head is to make sure that creativity and practicality merge together. They work non-stop in finding the newest trends, innovations and a fully experienced team to implement it.

Project Head : 

The project head is responsible for Project Management and Site Execution and ensures all planned works are executed as promised and meet the expectations of our clients.

Accounts and Admin Team :

They are responsible for rummaging through numbers and clinching all the administrative tasks and to ensure smooth flow of our finances, making sure that money flows in the direction of value.

Digital Head:

They are the team behind our online face. From Social media to SEO’s to branding and churning. They are the team who keep our online buzz alive and get StudioBD honeypot full of likes.

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